The Sea Cliffs of Moloka'i

5 Random Facts About Hawaii You Might Not Know

  • Did you know that Hawaii is home to the only royal palace in the United States? The 'Iolani Palace has been carefully preserved and is a breathtaking place to see with your very own eyes. Many tours include the soft sounds of traditional Hawaiian music played by a live band that forms the perfect soundtrack to your experience.
  • The small island of Moloka'i is home to the largest sea cliffs...IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! They measure over 3,600ft tall at a 60 degree angle at the tallest point.
  • Hawaii has it's own time zone. Located in the middle of the Pacific ocean, it's islands are also the furthest away from any other land mass in the world (making it the most remote islands) and it's also the Southern-most place in the United States.
  • It's illegal to smoke cigarettes at Hawaii beaches or any of the State Parks. This is critically important because it protects the native wildlife from the harmful chemicals and choking hazard of nasty cigarette butts. 
  • Every island has it's own color! O'ahu is yellow, Maui is pink, the Big Island is red, Kaua'i is purple, Ni'ihau is white, Moloka'i is green, Lana'i is orange and Kaho'olawe is gray.


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